Guitar Lessons
We can work on chords, riffs, reading, theory, or any other needs you have. You can be playing songs within the first month of lessons! More advanced students can learn to solo by starting with simple leads from my vast collection of materials.

Bass Lessons
I’ll make sure you have the proper technique to play “in the groove.” Playing with recordings is emphasized so the student can learn how to play in the context of a song. You will learn enough theory (scales, 12 bar blues, etc.) so that you can “jam” with friends even if they don’t know the same songs you do.

Drum Lessons
As with bass, playing along with recordings is emphasized so students can learn the role of the drummer in a band. Plenty of beats and fills will be assigned to develop a vocabulary that can be used in a variety of styles. Drummers are always needed for the band lessons, so you won’t have to wait long to start playing with other students!

Band Lessons
Once my students show they can keep up with recordings of songs, it’s time for them to start playing with real live musicians. I’ll put two guitarists, a bass player and a drummer together and work on band dynamics, showing students how a good band does more than just play the correct parts.

Ukulele Lessons
Whether you have a young child who may be too small for guitar, or you’re someone who would like to learn to strum some songs and wants an inexpensive and (relatively) easy instrument to learn, the ukulele can bring a lot of joy and fun in your life!  Many of my ukulele students have found that learning the uke was a great first step to learning guitar, while others stayed with the uke and became quite proficient at it.

Mandolin Lessons
You can learn many country and bluegrass favorites on the mandolin. Or, if you prefer, we can learn pop, rock, and old standards. Like the ukulele, it’s a great instrument to learn basic chords, and it can be translated between the other stringed instruments fairly easily.